7 Energy Bar Chimes for the Chakras


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Introducing Energy Chime Bars for the Chakras

Chakra Cleansing with Vitalizing Energy Bars
The chakras are wheels of energy that transmit subtle energy life force to various parts of the human body. Negative emotions, bad lifestyle, fears, etc. cause blockages in chakras. Opening the chakras restores balance in physical, emotional and spiritual realms.
The cleansing sounds remove negative energy stored in your body. With the help of chakra cleansing, express and release your emotions in a healthy manner. Your body and soul naturally release everything that destroys your inner peace.

We are very pleased to add a new product to our extensive Family of Sound Healing Product offerings!
Our new “Energy Chime Bars” are designed to produce pure tones for your Sound Healing applications. They are fun and easy to use, but mistake not, the frequencies produced are exact and sonorous.

Chime bars are suspended above a good quality wood base for a clear resonating tone. Chime bars are made from special Aluminum alloy – producing rich, long-lasting sounds.

The Seven Chakra Set is used for healing as they produce the frequencies that open the seven major chakras. They can be readily manipulated and twirled around the chakras to open the chakra wheels. Their pure sounds endure – lasting incredibly long. They can be used around or placed directly on the chakras. Powerful!
The sound vibrations emitted by these energy chimes are rich in natural harmonics, which are a powerful healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration and deep relaxation.
• Energy chimes are used for healing and relaxing.
• Incredible resonance helps to focus the mind in meditation.
• Perfect for Feng Shui energy clearing and Chakra balancing.
These Seven Chakra Energy Chime Bars in this Set:
Energy Bar Chime – 3rd Eye Chakra Tone “A”
Energy Bar Chime – Crown Chakra Tone “B”
Energy Bar Chime – Root Chakra Tone “C”
Energy Bar Chime – Sacral Chakra Tone “D”
Energy Bar Chime – Solar Plexus Chakra Tone “E”
Energy Bar Chime – Heart Chakra Tone “F”
Energy Bar Chime – Throat Chakra Tone “G”

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