Your Personal Voice Analysis


The Human Voice is a “Window on our Well-being”. The spoken voice is comprised of thousands of individual frequencies. Our voice is like a musical orchestra that combines many instruments to produce a complex audio composition. Jill Mattson uses a system that analyzes the frequencies making up your speaking Voice. Mattson uses a software program (Invented by Sharry Edwards) that separates the frequencies comprising your Voice into the fundamental components. Once the voice spectrum breakdown is created, Mattson can analyze the results for critical components and balances/imbalances… that are related to issues and challenges on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Mattson provides a written report that is completely personalized for you and summarizes your frequencies, missing tones, out-of-balance elements, discordances, excesses, and highlights revealed by your Voice. This report gives follow-up recommendations that include your missing frequencies and the zodiac “songs” that complete and harmonize your energy fields, fostering health and balance in your life.

 In addition, she combines this Voiceprint assessment with your most fundamental Astrological Influences/considerations and finally does a “mini-psychic reading” of your energies that usually reveals one of your past lives.

After purchase, please go HERE to submit your recorded voice **

Please complete the information on the recorder on the next page, hit record, talk for over one minute, hit stop, and then press send.

Sometimes websites have a mind of their own, or a microphone is not working… If you have any problems, email me at

Also, if you prefer, call me at 814 657 0134 (USA) and leave your name, email, and birthday on the voice message. Talk for over a minute and I’ll get your voice sample that way! If you are international and don’t want the cost of the international call, WhatsApp will also send a voice mail. My What’s App number is 814 657 0134.

1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
2. Look for the microphone icon within the chat input area. It’s typically located to the right…
3. To send a voice message on WhatsApp, press the microphone icon next to the text box and speak your message.
4. When the message has been completed, release your finger from the microphone icon, and the voice message will appear in the messaging area as a small audio player.
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