Two phenomena that demonstrate how listening to specific sounds can deeply affect us are Entrainment and Resonance.

Entrainment and resonance are interactions of frequencies with other bodies. We understand these well on the macro scale. However, many Sound Healing researchers believe that these phenomena also operate at microscopic levels and explain some of the powerful results seen when Sound frequencies are directed to living organisms.

Resonance and entrainment produced by Sound Frequencies are similar but distinct phenomena. An illustration of resonance can be demonstrated with a pair of violins or two tuning forks of the same frequency. In the case of the violins, position them nearby. Then pluck the A string at 440 Hz. on the first violin. The matching A string on the nearby violin will resonate – without any other action. The near violin’s A string’s fundamental frequency matches the fundamental frequency of the plucked A string. The sound vibrations from the activated violin travel through the air and are absorbed by the second violin’s A string. Because they share the same fundamental frequency, the second string resonates, and the intensity of the vibration builds (due to resonance); consequently, you can hear the second violin “play” the same note as the first. If you remove the A string from the second violin (to eliminate interference) and strike the first violin’s A string again, you will cause the E string (330 Hz.) on #2 violin to resonate. This is because of the A 440 Hz. string shares an overtone of 1320 Hz. with the E 330 Hz. string. That is, the 3rd harmonic of A = 440 is 3 * 440 = 1320 Hz and the 4th harmonic of E = 330 is 4 * 330 = 1320 Hz. This is a simplified version of how “playing” appropriate frequencies of Sound near us can resonate structures inside our body.

Jill Mattson has identified and extracted the precise frequencies of critical components of our DNA blueprint. Her new audio creations contain the sound frequencies of the four building blocks of our DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine; also included is Uracil (for RNA), ATP, frequencies of the elements Phosphorus, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Nitrogen. ATP stores chemical energy for the cell. The elements form the DNA building blocks, RNA and the phosphate backbone of DNA

A DNA molecule is a collection of recipes for making proteins. Since proteins are the machinery of life, DNA is the recipe for making an organism. What is the function of RNA? RNA builds the proteins based on the formula in the DNA. 

These musical compositions contain audio with Fibonacci sounds spirals that mirror the double helix geometry of DNA. The Fibonacci sequences take the listener upward and resonate along the deepest pathways of our energetic scaffolds. There are sounds taken from the complex DNA molecule’s backbone, strengthening and infusing our chromosomes’ very structure. 

The crucial link between “DNA Sounds” work and Subtle Energy is that Subtle Energy can be molded and carried on some Sound Energies – special vibrational frequencies. Further, Subtle Energy can interact with material things (such as Human DNA) and other forms of energy … but it must be made available – such as in the music collection called DNA Dreams.

When you are completely enshrouded in pure DNA components’ vibrations, the matching DNA compounds in your body will vibrate in resonance. Every matching DNA molecule in your being will softly oscillate in resonance with the DNA frequencies embedded in Mattson’s DNA Dreams music. Think of it like this: your personal DNA is vibrating in precisely the same frequencies as the pristine/perfect DNA energies in Mattson’s compositions. Any compromised DNA bases due to mutations or corrupted reproduction will NOT match the frequencies present in DNA Dreams. Your body will bathe in only healthy natural energies. Any rogue cells will not participate.

Entrainment and Beat Induction are processes where a beat or a rhythm from a source can induce the same beat or rhythm in a second body. The first example that I learned – when studying Entrainment – was the case of a roomful of clocks. In a room with multiple mechanical clocks (clocks with a pendulum), a dominant clock (such as a large Grandfather clock) will entrain the periods of all the other clocks nearby. Eventually, all of the clocks will be beating in time (in-phase) – their pendulums will sway together. The master clock has entrained its beating with all of the other clocks present. 

Other examples are synchronization (for example, foot-tapping) of organisms to an external beat or rhythm. Wikipedia defines Beat Induction as the process in which a regular pulse is activated in a music listener, causing foot tapping in rhythm to the external rhythm. We have all experienced involuntary foot tapping when the right musical stimulus is presented.

Joseph Jordania recently suggested that the forces of natural selection developed the human ability to be entrained. This was an important part of achieving a specific altered state of consciousness – battle trance.[2] Achieving this state, in which humans lose their individuality, do not feel fear and pain, are united in a shared collective identity, and act in the best interests of the group, was crucial for the physical survival of our ancestors.”

There has been a tremendous amount of fascinating work done using Sound Frequencies with living organisms to wondrous ends. Resonance and entrainment take the musical energy and transfer it to our bodies. DNA Music with embedded frequencies is yet another example of Sound Energy being utilized as a powerful tool to benefit living systems. 

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