Music makes us feel, but can it make us be more loving?” Love and the energy of music are more connected than we ever imagined! Both energies have waves, which alter each other when they are in close proximity. 

A movie makes you feel, largely because of the sound track. Music plays your “feelings,” as if your body is a harp. If music can trigger your feelings, the right music can create loving feelings.

Music can move you to feel love, but a fleeting song doesn’t last long. We don’t use this way to create love, because we want a lasting love. The important question is, how much listening-dosage is required to create a lasting love? To really make a difference, you must listen a lot, a really long time, until you fill up with so much love, that it alters your character and you become a loving person. That is a lot of listening! But the impact of making someone more loving is incredible and could be a huge change!  

Using music to enhance love seems crazy, but it was not always so. Ancient sages created uplifting feelings through music, and then listened for incredible amounts of time. With each listen they ingested a tiny amount of this desired energy via music. For example, if they wished to make a boy ferocious, he was constantly exposed to brutal music. In the same way, a person was softened with continual gentle music. Ancient sages prescribed listening to music (with a consistent feeling) – many thousands of times until it was a dominant energy within one’s personality. These masters considered this the quick way to change one’s personality. 

A habit is created by repeating targeted feelings over and over until they automatically surface from our unconscious mind. We feel desired things by playing certain music over and over again. In this way we create a good habit from listening to music, perhaps just background music. This can create a dominant personality trait. No will power or attention is needed for this upgrade, other than listening to enjoyable music while doing other things. Our ears never sleep, so we can even sleep with the special music, getting in lots of replicated listens. (Imagine progress from sleeping!) Music is accessible, free or inexpensive and can be repeated and repeated. 

Sound energy, music, can intensify love. What are other ways to use this phenomena? For example, to acknowledge your loved one’s beauty (personality or appearance), play beautiful music to grow the feeling of beauty. The author composed the Deep Wave Beauty CD, which is beautiful music to make you feel beautiful. But music can do even more than make you feel, Deep Wave Beauty music contains frequencies associated with vitamins, collagen and muscle in the face and neck. This music is like aural makeup, delivering beauty on many levels.

Yet another way to use music to enhance love is to speak with a loving voice. Recall that emotions and sounds combine. The “hello” you say when you are angry or loving is quite different. If every word out of your mouth including the feeling of love, your whole life could change. Thing how your relationships would change if you delivered this energy every time that you spoke.

Music is like a pager, connecting you to your memories. When you hear a favorite a song from your youth, you remember when you heard it. It transports you back to that place and time. The song serves up the feelings that you had when you were heard it long ago, creating a moment of youthening.

Here’s a another way to enhance love with music. Select a love song and make it “your song.” When this song is played, entwined your feelings with the feelings of the music, as both the sounds and emotions combine into one energy. This love song now creates your loving feelings when you hear it. The special song, that has bonded your feelings, is like a safety deposit box of love. You can create such treasure troves of love that you can dip into – perhaps when you need it the most. 

Love exists without music, but special music can amplify it. Music communicates love like no words can, and “stores” it for later enjoyment! 

Music can change you ever so subtly – with each transformative listen! With careful select of your music, you can enjoy every moment of personal transformation!

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!  She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.   Jill is a four – time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  Free music & School of Sound Healing at 

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