The Temple of DNA

~ The Divinity Code ~ (Bundle Special)

DNA is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Genes are made up of DNA. DNA has four nucleotides. The nucleotides attach to each other (A with T, and G with C) to form chemical bonds called base pairs, which form the two DNA strands. Nucleotides also play a central role in metabolism at a fundamental,
cellular level. They also provide chemical energy that animates your body.

DNA at its roots is energy – like everything else. Frequencies from outside your body, such as food, thoughts, and feelings, resonate and exchange energy with DNA in each of your cells. Stress, depression, sickness, and exposure to toxins interact with you on every level, including the critical level of your DNA. These negative energies de-tune
you on an energetic level. So why not reboot and tune up this vibratory energy that composes the codes that animate you?

Start with resonating with your spiritual gene. Then absorb the energy of healthy DNA nucleotides, RNA, ATP, phosphate backbone, and even the precise sounds that make the spiral shape of DNA. Add the powerful DNA forks to your energy work. Learn precise ways to use these forks effectively!

Specific frequencies can penetrate into your cells and influence your unique energetic genetic code.



What the Bundle Includes:

1. DNA Dreams CD (Digital) – $22 Value
2. DNA Forks (Physical) – $66 Value
3. Video DNA Forks Tuning Forks (Digital) – Free Bonus
4. Echoes of God Divine Echoes CD (Digital) – $22 Value
5. Video with God gene music (Digital) – Free Bonus
6. Video on DNA music – Free Bonus

2 Digital CDs $44
DNA Tuning Forks $66, plus shipping
Video on DNA Music (Free Bonus)
Video on God Gene (Free Bonus)
Video on using DNA forks (Free Bonus)

Value $132, plus Free Bonuses!

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