“Wizards of Nature” had a highly connected view of the natural world and knew of the presence of universal energy – that can be manipulated for astonishing ends. I believe that this is one of the most novel and innovative subjects that I have ever encountered. 

The word “Wizard” instantly evokes poignant images in our collective imaginations: white-robed figures steeped in Nature and Magic; Gandalf… Merlin and Arthur Lore… Spells, Runes… Good and Evil balanced treacherously… Trickery…Spells… Shape-Shifting – but above all else Magic and possibilities we have sadly left behind since childhood. 

Make no mistake. The Druids were lofty evolved beings in the same tradition as High Egyptian Priests, Hindu Masters and Powerful Shaman.  Throughout time and all over the world, ancient cultures have produced astonishing breakthroughs and accomplishments – that we still struggle to understand… think to the Egyptian & Mayan Pyramids or Gobekli Tepe, Stonehenge, huge earthen mounds, underwater cities and Monolithic Monuments around the world. And these are only the remaining relics that we can still see. Our modern society is finally coming to grips with the reality that very Ancient Civilizations mastered things that we still do not understand today. 

In this same paradox – where we marvel at the works and puzzle at the knowledge of peoples that lived 5,000 – to – 10,000 even 15,000 years ago and beyond – consider the Old Druids, Nature’s first Wizards. The Druids were a highly evolved group of beings that lived from (at least) 5,000 BC until the Romans hunted them to extinction around 200 – 300 AD. They were the equal of other revered Ancient Masters. Surprisingly the Druids probably represent one of the most neglected and misunderstood esoteric traditions from the Old Days. As a result, much of the Old Druid Knowledge has been lost – or neglected – to the detriment of mankind. These “Natural Wizards” have much to offer and I feel that our program will be an essential contribution for all interested listeners.

The Druids are intimately connected with our Archetypical Vision of the Wizard and Magic – and for a good reason. Equally, they focus on following the Path of Nature back to the One Spirit and our ultimate destination of enlightenment and ascension. 

Magic has negative connotations today. Parents tell their children – “magic is only make believe”… however, Magic is only another name for the powerful petition and application of Energies – based on the order of Nature and Her forces woven into the fabric of ourselves and the entire Universe. The Old Ones understood this. We can rediscover the wonders of Nature and reinvent ourselves in the process.

Key components of the lost knowledge of the Druids are:

  • The use of Runes and the Positive Rune Symbols converted to Sound. Use the frequencies derived from the runes for clearing, to gain abundance and insights for critical decisions that you will face .
  • The many possibilities of Shape-Shifting: elevate your consciousness move to a higher plane with peace and tranquility
  • Music was a powerful technique of the Druids. A class of Druids, called the Bards, used music to uplift people in many ways. There were many uses of drumming and songs. They told stories, educated people, preserved the Druidic Wisdom, and uplifted listener’s minds, emotions and health. These methods are as effective today as ever. 
  • Use of Ceremonies, Spells, Incantations and Conjuring for manifesting and attracting affection
  • How Magic is just another name for the powerful petition and application of Energies – based on the order of Nature and Her forces woven into the fabric of ourselves and the entire Universe

In my research, I have determined that American Indian Mythology and many Tribal Cultures around the Globe have undoubtedly been deeply influenced by the same forces that drove the Druids. These diverse civilizations – widely separated in time and geography share a reverence for and a deep bond with nature. This old Indian quote captures the essence of Druidry and the reverence for Nature:

“They hear the Great Spirit in every wind; see Him in every cloud; fear Him in threatening sounds and adore him in every awe-inspiring natural vista… they believe the universe is bound together by Spirits of Natural Life: Animals, Waters, Plants, the Sky and the Earth.”

“Druidry offers a multitude of ways to explore the landscape of the Soul.”

The Path of Druidry by Billington 2010

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