It is fascinating to learn that at least some of the building blocks of DNA – that all life on Earth is based on – are formed extraterrestrially in outer space. Is this evidence that life of Earth originated elsewhere in the universe?  At the very least, we share a profound connection to other life in the universe. Since we share our DNA building blocks, we necessarily share biological fundamentals and (at least some) similarities in body and brain. (However, recall that we share close DNA designs with animals on Earth as disparate as monkeys, whales, and snakes…)

A report published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that eleven out of twelve carbon-containing meteorites studied contained the nucleobase Adenine. The nucleobase Guanine was also found in other meteorites. Further, numerous amino acids and other complex organic compounds that could be raw materials for life formation have been found in other exterestrial samples.

The presence of key components of DNA in outer space makes a strong argument for the widespread existence of life throughout the universe. It also reflects the near-miraculous DNA design and suggests that at least a slice of all life in the universe is closely related to the life forms that we know on Earth. Perhaps we should play Mattson’s DNA Dreams, featuring the vibratory signature of DNA,  through a radio telescope to the stars… to invite a connection.

By listening to/and being immersed in specific frequencies and matrices of sounds, our bodies, our energies, even our mental and physical states are impacted profoundly. The evidence is overwhelming!

Specifically, in regards to Jill Mattson’s new work – DNA Dreams – we invite the open-minded listener to embark on a unique adventure in Sound – focusing on the DNA components found everywhere in your body. Consider that new cells are formed throughout your body continuously. DNA is the blueprint for life. DNA contains all the genetic material in a cell that is passed on when replication and reproduction occurs. 

Accurate, healthy cell production relies on the precise replication of new cells driven by DNA processes. Does pristine DNA the ward off mutations and degeneration? Most experts agree that aging is due to mutations and the production of rogue cells. This is the beginning of most cancers. Can you reinforce and stabilize the essential systems in your body: DNA and RNA, by listening to its exact sounds?

Everything has an energetic aspect and hence a frequency signature, which is characteristic of that thing. Exposing a substance or living cell to “pure” frequencies – that make up that substance – can strengthen and reinforce the substance – even at an atomic or molecular level. 

The DNA molecule is a remarkable – and a universal thing. Earth humans may have been “engineered” based on a universal DNA structure – however, our “Creators” did not want to empower us with the full potential of what DNA can do. (A large portion of our DNA is called DNA, as we don’t understand what it does.) Our DNA creates genes to form livers and brains … but we don’t have genes for extremely long lives… or genes for telepathy… however, some humans experience these things from natural selection occurring in their genes. They develop telepathy and other physic powers. It is all there available in our DNA – it is just not arranged and activated to give humans some of the “near superpowers” that our creators have realized.

New cells are formed throughout your body constantly. Accurate, healthy cell production relies on the precise replication of new cells driven by DNA processes. With sound can we keep our DNA pristine and functioning perfectly to the ward off mutations and degeneration? Most experts agree that aging is due to mutations and production of rogue cells… this is the beginning of most cancers. Can accurate sounds, reinforce and stabilize the most important systems in your body: DNA and RNA? 

Joel Sternheimer, is a French physicist who discovered that “while a protein is being assembled, the amino acids’ movements are considerably slowed down… so a vibration or a frequency can be calculated…and transcribed into acoustical note….” Sternheimer found that the vibration of each amino acid in a plant can be assigned a note. If you play the notes, corresponding to the amino acids, back in the order that they are combined in a protein, a melody results. Amazingly when Sternheimer played the “amino acids’ songs” back to the subject plant, he documented up to 250 percent accelerated growth; also, resilience to drought and disease was improved. 

    “The sound sequences used to stimulate plants were not random, but carefully constructed melodies. Each note was chosen to correspond to the stimulation of protein molecules. When the sound is sequenced in just the right order, they create a tune which is unique and harmonizes with the internal structure of the plant. Each plant has a different sequence of notes to stimulate its growth.” 

“According to New Science ‘Sternheimer claims that when plants hear the appropriate tune of a protein, they produce more of that protein. Sternheimer also writes tunes that inhibit the synthesis of protein.’ In other words, undesirable plants (weeds for instance) could be inhibited with sounds, not pesticides.”

“According to Sternheimer’s research, each molecule in our body can be reactivated through resonance if it ‘hears’ its corresponding molecular melody.”

There has been a tremendous amount of fascinating work done using Sound Frequencies with living organisms to wondrous ends. The frequencies of proteins make a huge difference to the physicality of plants. DNA Music with embedded frequencies is yet another example of Sound Energy being utilized as a powerful tool to benefit living systems. 


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