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~ Overlaid with major Astrological Influences ~

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The Human Voice is literally a “Window on our Wellbeing”. The spoken voice is comprised of thousands of individual frequencies. Our voice is like a musical orchestra that combines many instruments to produce a complex audio composition. Jill Mattson has produced a system that performs an analysis of the frequencies making up your speaking Voice. Briefly, Mattson uses a software program (Invented by Sharry Edwards) that separates the multitude of frequencies comprising your Voice into the fundamental components. Once the voice spectrum breakdown is created, Mattson can analyze the results for critical components and balances/imbalances… that are related to issues and challenges. She combines this Voiceprint assessment with your most fundamental Astrological Influences/considerations and finally does a “mini-psychic reading” of your energies. Jill includes two written past life readings. Mattson then provides a written report that is completely personalized for the individual. This report gives follow up recommendations that include your missing frequencies and the zodiac “songs” that complete and harmonize your energy field fostering health and balance in your life. The entire process is simple and fast to complete.



Complete the information requested below, then read the “script” provided or simply talk for at least one minute into the microphone of your phone or tablet/computer. Make sure that you push the “Record” recording button below before speaking. Speak naturally but with “feeling” and talk clearly at a moderately loud level. Ensure that there are no other noises or background sounds when you record… no radio, TV etc. You need at least one minute of your voice recorded.

Note: Please make sure to playback your message to ensure it was recorded properly. After pressing ‘Submit’ please allow a few moments for the message with the recording to send (this may take a little longer than your normal message due to the size of the recording). Only leave the page once you get a message at the bottom saying that your message was submitted successfully.

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Results & Report:

Jill will email you a written report that summarizes your “Voiceprint results”. This report is entirely personalized and it will detail your missing tones, out of balance elements, discordances, excesses and highlights revealed by your Voice. These frequencies result in your personality and health traits, strengths and weaknesses. In addition to reporting on these, she includes overarching Astrological influences – most critical for YOU – in her analysis and summary. Jill will make specific listening recommendations for your use based on all of this work. Jill has composed zodiac and planetary tracks to balance missing frequencies and energy. She uses these natural celestial frequencies to supply what you need. We will try to email you a written report within 7 days.

The easiest method that delivers the best sound file quality is to use the link below and record your voice. Speak loudly and speak about anything. It is helpful if you talk about several topics. You need to speak for about 1.5 minutes. Fill in the informational fields with your birthdate, email, and phone number. Push stop before you push to submit the sound file. Easy!

If this does not work for you, please call me and leave a message. I can get a recorded sample of your voice from this. If this is an international call for you, you can use What’s App and send a recording to me – at no cost. Please leave your name, email, phone number, birth date, and speak about anything – perhaps a few topics – and speak loudly for about 1.5 minutes. My phone and What’s App numbers are the same: 814 657 0134.

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