Discover transformations that are yours by listening with chakra tone combinations in this video. Today, people think of their chakras as separate from one another.

The root chakra has nothing to do with the heart chakra, except that they are both chakras. This is not so. Chakras are linked energetically. The root chakra is associated with the color red, which is the complementary color of green. The heart chakra is related to the shade of green. When light colors are combined, they create white light or perfect balance. When the red of the root chakra and the green of the heart chakra combine, they create white light and form a ring or toroid shaped energy field of white light around these two chakras.

Your chakra system expands and looks like a chain of white light. The various chakra that creates white light combine: the sacral (orange) and the throat chakra (blue) and the solar plexus (yellow) and the crown chakra (violet). The combining of colored lights could even be considered a form of enlightenment. These chakras, when combined, go from components of white light to completion, harmony and perfect balance.

Try healing several chakras at the same time for improved benefits. Ancient mages were careful in which order they tuned chakras to allow the complementary tones to combine.

Highly clairvoyant sages observed that when chakras tones were played in a specific order that they created substantially more light with the body’s energetic system. Enlightened people possess unified fields of light. The chakra lights are combined and merged into a “sum that is great than its parts.”

Just as enthusiasts of the kabala chanted each permutation of the names of god, the chakra tones were also chanted in each permutation for accelerating the improvements of one’s light bodies. Just relax and listen. Listen to the complete set of all chakra permutation for activations, accelerated light and expanded consciousness in your energy fields. Unify & integrate your chakra energy fields!

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