Clearing and opening the chakras above your head with crystal tones. The energies of chakras above your head are high in frequency. Energy travels through resonance through octaves. Pitches in our hearing range will travel into higher octaves to deliver frequencies to your upper chakras. The harmonics of crystals provide a ladder to send the high energy found in crystals (like can be heard from the crystal singing pearls) up your life stream to revitalize and open these upper chakras.

The crystal sounds can energize and open your upper chakras that are above your head. Each of the chakras above your head, when open and providing you with energies, bestows blessings and benefits.

You become deeply connected to the Holy Spirit and energies of your higher self when you activate and utilize the chakras above your head. The silver cord that runs through your body connects to many chakras above your head. Use the crystal tones to straighten the silver cord and illuminate the high chakras.

Everything is conscious. This includes crystals. We all instinctively know that crystals emit high energies. We buy them and enjoy being in their presence for the energetic lift, healing and protection that crystals emit. The energy of crystals is aware and conscious.

 The group soul of crystals has ascended according to Ascended Master teachings, meaning that this energy connects with the fifth dimension. That explains our attraction to crystals and their radiant energies.

When the energy of crystals carries on a nearby tone, the power of this frequency signal amplifies. Crystal Frequencies of the Crystal Pearls are excellent for tuning the chakras above your head. They are similar to the instrument in this video. Just listen and receive benefits. Learn how. Use tuning forks to develop, strengthen and balance the chakras!

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