Connecting your Crystal Skull to other Powerful Crystal Skulls

Legends tell, there were 12 magnificent Atlantean Temples, each housing a different virtue and ability that was valued by the society. Priests and priestesses in each temple learned techniques, gained knowledge, and uniquely uplifted people. Each great temple had a crystal skull at its center. All of the temple’s energy and expertise were stored in the crystal skull of the temple.

Only a few Atlantean crystal skulls have been found, but the rest exist. The twelve skulls communicate with each other, like twelve computers in a network.

You can connect your crystal skull to the fabulous Atlantean crystal skulls, just like one computer connects to another computer. Information is stored in computers and according to legends, also in crystal skulls. When you connect to the Atlantean crystal skulls, legends tell us that you can download their energy, remember energy techniques, and access their awareness.

Ancient Masters understood the power of crystals to focus and manipulate energy, as well as to channel energy and psychic information at incredible bandwidths. (Our computers do something similar via the silicon chip which is a crystal.) The powerful energy of the Crystal Skull can be transferred to your skull, via “shape resonance”!

In this video, learn techniques to use your crystal skull to:

• Connect you & your crystal skull to Mother Earth and the Great Central Sun

• Connect you & your crystal skull to the 12 Temples of Atlantis during her Golden Age.

• Connect you & your crystal skull to the 12 great priests and priestess of these temples with channeled energies.

• Activate you & your skull the 12 etheric strands of your DNA with these Atlantean Temple Skulls. By storing this information in your skull, your DNA (which is a vibrational energy that can change) can be tuned to these higher energies. • Receive a message and energy treatment from your Crystal Skull! Get fresh vitalizing crystal energy and massage areas in your physical and emotional realms to achieve vitality and wellness.

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