Create an etheric gift – a threefold flame! The benefits? Purify your love, embody divine grace, understand others, connect your chakra energies and enhance your wellness and spiritual development!

 Learn how to use a crystal tuning fork to combine subtle energies in your body, making a unified field of light, which is much more powerful; than unconnected energies of light in your body.

There are many chakras and areas of energy within different portions of your body. With the healing and balancing color s and frequencies in a certain place, such as your heart, you can uplift your consciousness, awareness and improve your mood and personality.

Ancient sages used color (which is energy), feelings (which is also energy) and crystals (which is also energy) to mix divine energies to connect you to higher consciousness.

Learn all about it in this video.

Observe how to use crystals, crystal tuning forks and crystal instruments for sound healing and energy healing. Understand the power of visualization, imagination, and intent.

Consciousness directs energy. Use these ancient sound healing methods to further your wellness, enlightenment, spirituality, and mood.

Energies, sounds, and colors create frequency matrices that resonate with ascended masters, angels, and highly evolved beings. When you create these same patterns within your heart, resonate with the masters and share their energies. You can spiritually evolve through sound.


Crystal Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral. Its crystalline structure is a continuous network of Si (silicon) and O (oxygen) atoms. The geometry of the SiO2 (chemical formula of Quartz) is a tetrahedron or pyramid shape. Quartz possesses all of the qualities and benefits of natural Sacred Geometry. Silicone (Si) is used in modern electronics to make microprocessors.

 Extremely pure Si can transmit enormous amounts of information and process instructions at incredible rates.

A crystal quartz prism can split white light into the full spectrum (rainbow) of colors – even reaching into the ultraviolet – beyond human perception. Light and Sound are both forms of wave energy, & similarly, quartz crystals can emit and manipulate sound frequencies to significant effects.

Each musical instrument creates its unique harmonics, a pattern of after-sound ripples that go on and on to influence our bodies and consciousness. The material that is producing the vibrations is key – metal instruments emphasize one pattern of harmonics, wood instruments another and crystal instruments yet another!

We believe that the properties of quartz crystals are even more powerful when they interact with sonic vibrational energy. Just as a high quality, handmade, seven-metal singing bowl can impart specific energies for each of the metals that comprise it, an instrument made of quartz has unique abilities. Some report that the crystalline structure of the body responds deeply to the oscillations produced by other crystals.

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