Computers send signals all around the world in seconds. They do this via silicon chips, quartz crystal. A crystal tuning fork can also send signals, far and fast, like your computers. Program your goals into your crystal tuning fork.

 The energy of your goal can then be broadcasted into the world to attract like frequencies, coincidences, and opportunities to realize your life purpose. Use the rich and pregnant energy of the Void to create and manifest. Amplify this powerful signal with broadcasts from your crystal tuning fork. The sound amplifies the power of attraction and manifesting.

It would be lovely if most of us had hours a week to devote to manifesting and to radiating our feelings of what we want in our lives. With busy scheduled, it is excellent to have this done more quickly. Your crystal tuning fork can quicken the speed of your manifesting while you are doing other things!

When we program our goals into the crystal tuning fork, the energy that we desire mixes with the high energies of crystals. This attracts an elevated version of our goals, as the power of your life purpose is infused with beautiful crystal energy.

 Music can also amplify your manifesting. Music changes the auras of crystals. Infuse your crystal skull with uplifting and magical frequencies of music.

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