The spine connects to the body’s organs and systems. Each vertebra links to different organs and body processes. Each vertebra has a frequency when it is healthy. The spine is like a three-octave xylophone. The pitches of the vertebrae somewhat resemble three octaves of musical notes.

The frequency of each vertebra links to an organ. This healthy organ has the same frequency as the healthy vertebra does. They share the same and exchange energy of the same frequency through resonance.

When an organ gets out of tune, it may cause its corresponding vertebra to pop out of place. The spine is like a circuit breaker. When a vertebra receives an intonation problem/energy from a body organ, it causes energy issues in the vertebra and it may pop out of place.

 Jeffrey Thompson, a chiropractor, tunes the spine with the proper frequencies. He noticed that when he uses his hand to pop a vertebra into place that it only takes seconds for the correction. The same thing can be done with the proper vertebra tone, but it takes minutes for the correction. When enough of the proper frequency is absorbed by the vertebra, Thompson reports that the vertebra shifts into its proper place on its own.

At first, he thought that it is quicker to put a vertebra in place with his thumb. Thompson took before and after blood tests and found that when a vertebra is out of place, there are issues with the corresponding organs.

When the vertebra is out of tune, the linking organ appears to have an intonation problem too. When Thompson tuned the spine and provided the sound correction, he saw immediate improvements from the relevant organs. (He knew this from the from blood tests.)

When the vertebrae popped into place when it was tuned, the issues from corresponding organs diminished. In this video, methods of directing crystal tones to the vertebra in your spine are explained, shown and taught.

Tune-up your spine. Use this method of infusing crystal energies and tones into each vertebra. It has a myriad of benefits as your spine and body need a healthy balance of frequencies. Listen to these crystal tones and enjoy it!

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