Many, many people have asked the difference between the 528 hertz and the 432-hertz crystal tuning fork. So, I thought to answer that here for all of you!

Each crystal tuning fork (432 and 528) is very different, almost opposite of each other, considering they are both crystals. In follows that they each have unique benefits, quite different from each other.

The 432-crystal fork produces depth, stillness, and a sense of calm energy– a vibration where deep healing takes place. The crystal sound takes you to a still point where transformation occurs.

The 528-crystal fork massages the heart, amplifying love and your energy. It makes your energy feel like a fountain of joy. If you are in your head, not feeling love, the 528 doesn’t have that much to resonate with. But even if are experiencing – even a little love and heart energy, it will magnify that.

All heart-loving energy is magnified, which is extraordinary! The fork is louder if you have the same frequency as the fork in your body and aura. The reason for this is that through resonance, energy is amplified. The fork sounds louder as your body ingests this healing frequency. It is as if the 528-frequency bounced back between the crystal fork and the love energy that you are feeling and it keeps increasing in volume. For example, when you don’t have the 528 in your aura, the volume of the crystal fork decreases. When you are feeling love, the 528 fork is louder. If you wave the fork in your aura, it will amplify the joyous and upward feeling of love.

Your aura will have these beautiful frequencies in some places and not others, but just wavering the fork around you fill you up with this healing energy everywhere. Continually allow the crystal tuning fork tone to “stroke” your aura, that is, take the vibrating crystal fork up and down your aura 6 – 12 inches from your body, until the tone is loud everywhere. It will feel wonderful!

Yin and yang forks are superb for balance, these two crystal forks are like that, in that, one draws you in for healing and one pulls you out for healing. Think of one as creating and massaging low temperatures and the other as providing high temperatures. Speaking of temperatures, going from hot-to-cold, and cold-to-hot has incredible health benefits. Likewise, there are wonderful healings from using both forks.

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