I want to give you background on toning, an incredible method to heal yourself, raise your conscious, clear negative emotions and it costs nothing! In the next several emails I will present instructions on how to use this powerful healing tool!

Natural tones are the most effective for balancing our voice, such as grunts, groans, moans, screaming, laughing, yawning and sighs. Sounds such as “mmm” and “ah” contain frequencies that elicit improvement.

The karate master cries before he strikes. The weight lifter groans as he lifts. Why? Because the voice releases energy and power. Self-created tones affect us from the inside out!

“Ouch!” Scream in pain! Why do we do this? We use sound to release pain out of our body. It is instinctual. We use sound naturally to relieve pain, but we forget to credit sound.

One reason why toning is an effective healing practice is because feelings attach to sounds. Our subconscious feelings are a part of our spoken words. The quality of our tone communicates our underlying intent and feelings beneath our words. For example, the “hello” we say to someone we love is different than the “hello” we say to someone we don’t like. Our emotional communication is clearly in our tone of voice, more so than the words.

When our brain censors our spoken words, these censored ideas remain in our tone of voice. We may not even be aware of these subtle underlying feelings, but others sense these feelings from our tone of voice.

Sometimes we forget what our truth is, because we have hidden it in our subconscious minds for so long. Sound can carry our hidden feelings back to us. Our tone of voice is a communication link to our subconscious mind.

We don’t always speak our truth. Sometimes the truth is painful. We are taught to be polite or kind, instead. Another example is a habitual “white lie”. How often do we tell people we feel fine, when we don’t? Or that “nothing is new”, when we don’t want to share something new? Or that we like something, when we don’t?

When our feelings and our words are not in alignment, we create dissonance in our bodies. In contrast, speaking our truth sets us free.

Toning is a way to clear stuck negative energies and buried feelings from ourselves. Finally, the Powerful Technique of Toning for your Emotional and Physical Health!

Toning for Your Health

  1. Close your eyes and imagine that your body is a black ink well. As you utter tones throughout this exercise, visualize clear water coming into the ink well with each breath, until you and the ink well are pristine clear.
  2. Let out a vowel sound (any one you feel comfortable with) or even a groan, on the lowest pitch that you can.
  3. Let your body speak, not your mind. Don’t worry about how you sound, but concentrate on how the sound makes your body feel. Be entirely absorbed in your sound and let it rise from you, as if this sound is separate from you. You are just observing the sound.
  4. Imagine the tone begins in your feet and works its way up the body until it reaches the top of your head, or above that point by 13 inches or so. (This could take 15 minutes or more.)
  5. As you imagine your tone going from your feet to you head, the pitch of your tone will rise, too. Allow the tone to raise in pitch when the body wants it to.
  6. Any areas in which the pitch takes a while to rise, is an area with an energy blockage. Don’t get louder to break through the energy blockage; that will not help. Gently continue toning and give your voice all the time it needs to raise in pitch. If you stay on a pitch for 5 to 10 minutes, then you are receiving a great healing!
  7. If your voice doesn’t rise right away, imagine seeing your tone going right or left in your body and finding a path eventually that leads upward.
  8. In the spot in your body where you imagine the blockage or discord to be, send feelings of harmony and well-being to that spot. Allow your intent to travel on your voice. Send love to your body.
  9. Let the pitch raise as high as it comfortably can. In your imagination, the tone will have traveled to the top of your head or slightly above. This entire process may take 15 to 30 minutes. The first time that you tone, it may take a bit longer, as there are built up energy blockages to clear. It is best to do this daily for better and better health.
  10. If you do this regularly, you will feel energized, refreshed, healthier, and will watch negative emotions loosen away from your thinking!

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