Connecting to your Crystal Skull Establish an individual energy connection between you and your crystal skull.

Within your pineal gland is crystal, piezoelectric crystal energy. The crystal skull also obviously made of crystal. Like two computers, these two sources of crystal exchange energies.

The shape of your head is also the same shape as the crystal skull. Through shape resonance, more energies are exchanged.

Think to the stories of gypsy fortune tellers of old! The gypsy looked into a crystal ball and foretold futures. The gypsies did not want anyone else to touch or work with their crystal ball. They understood there was energy in the crystal, and the crystal ball was “aware.” They developed a relationship with the power of their crystal ball. Likewise, connect to your crystal skull’s energies.

You can use your crystal skull as a tool for opening up the chakras. The seven significant chakras that take in needed energy for your body. You need power from each chakra source. The crystal skull is a powerful tool to open and clear these pathways. Learn how.

Learn a powerful crystal skull technique to connect you with Sky and Earth Energies. This technique flosses your body energies, relating to healing Earth energies and enlightening sky energies.

Finally, ask your Higher-Self to make a copy of your Akashic Records, in your Crystal skull and infuse all of your energy & information with the loving energy of crystal!

What are the Akashic Records? Your energy in a lifetime is neither created nor destroyed but changes form. The energy that you create during a lifetime does not die. It is energy, and it can be changed.

In ancient times people accessed the Akashic Records to upgrade their past life energies, clear ancestral problems, and burn negative karma. Learn how you can erase your karma by using your crystal skull.

Get fresh vitalizing crystal energy and massage areas in your physical and emotional realms to achieve vitality and wellness.

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