Sound Healing Music Collections & Meditations

How Listening to Special Frequencies can affect our Total Well Being

The primary basis of healing with Sound – of expanding yourself through Sound – is that by listening to/and being immersed in specific frequencies and matrices of sounds, our bodies, our energies, even our mental, spiritual and physical states, can be impacted profoundly.

To capture the essence of what is at work: every living and inanimate thing has an energetic aspect. Sound is vibrational energy. When the appropriate frequencies of sound interact with us and our environment (our bodies, our living spaces, pets etc.), these sound frequencies can alter and transfer our fundamental energies. The Ancients learned this long ago. Some of these traditions have survived and have been passed down to us. There are numerous Modern Masters of Sound Healing, some famous, others obscure; fantastic work has been ongoing.

Mattson approaches Sound Healing from her background as a classical musician. She has learned to compose complex audio creations that contain multiple tracks laid down on top of each other. There are many tiers of music and sound frequencies that play together simultaneously. The special frequencies – such as a Fibonacci frequency – are barely audible, but they are there – embedded in the overall audio composition. The energy of the special frequencies is readily available for your uptake. Furthermore, there is an overarching traditional musical score, which enhances and connects the overall listening experience. The combination of all the musical and sound energy elements produces a greatly magnified synergistic effect.

The symphony of tones harmonizes and resonates on a very subtle level. All frequencies used are in the audible range of the human ear. The pleasing musical structure is the matrix, which holds these targeted sound energies. The net effect is a rich sonic revelation. Tones of healthy energies cascade throughout the tracks, bathing the listener in positive, consonant streams of sound.

Each of Jill’s musical collections has a specific range of Sound Healing benefits, such as Deep Wave Beauty to firm and youthen the listener or the Healing Flower Remedies, which offer specific blessings such as courage or peacefulness. Mattson has produced 8 Sound Healing Musical Albums. Mattson also has recorded 3 Guided Meditations: Cosmic Streams, Contacting Angels & Masters and Deep Wave Body Healing.

The longer and more often that the listener plays these works – the more significant the overall effects. Mattson believes that there is a transcendent opportunity possible if one intensely focuses and clears everything out of their mind/consciousness and deeply listens to any of these collections. The closest example that comes to mind is connecting profoundly and intentionally with nature. Think of a spiritual experience at a waterfall or sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon.