Jill’s Wings of Light


Music of the Stars ~ Ingest Heavenly Energy ~

The Star Dust music collection features the literal sound frequencies from the stars and planets on top of celestial music. Thousands of years before Christ, the ancient Chinese and Egyptians listened to star sounds to help people overcome challenges from low-level...

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Musical Catharsis and the Healing Flower Symphonies

Each Healing Flower Symphony supports the transformation from a negative emotion to the mastery of it, like impatience to patience, or panic to courage. When one is depressed, joyful music is irritating. Likewise, depression needs to be released before one can enjoy...

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Paint Your Soul

What are the Solfeggio and Fibonacci Tones? Paint Your Soul consists of original scores entirely written and performed by Jill Mattson. The collection features angelic vocals and techniques drawn from Ancient Mystery Schools that employ sound to expand listeners'...

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Song of the Spider’s Web

It is cliché that mathematics is the language of Science; in a related and perhaps even more fundamental way, Music may truly be the language of Nature. Just as my dog whines and tries to stop me when I play discordant music on my piano - we may be hardwired in our...

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What is Sound Healing?

People enjoy sound baths. Large gongs, precious metal sounds, and crystal bowls feel delicious. People love live tones that ripple through their bodies, like getting a massage. Other than feeling divine, we understand little of this process. Why do we enjoy sound...

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The Way of the Wizard

"Wizards of Nature" had a highly connected view of the natural world and knew of the presence of universal energy - that can be manipulated for astonishing ends. I believe that this is one of the most novel and innovative subjects that I have ever encountered.  The...

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The Sounds of Silence

In snow country, winter brings a season of soft, deep and wonder-filled silence. The snow absorbs sounds, creating silence that feels juicy, thick and almost “holy”.  Think to the Christmas carol, Silent Night.  Yet, many find comfort with constant noise. The TV...

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The Interdenominational Religion of Music

Like rainbow colors, the world religions guide believers upwards towards the light of god. Each religion presents its own unique path and method, as congregations learn to act more like god and walk more like promising sons and daughters. The sheikhs are on the...

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The Most Important Thing that you Forgot!

In the beginning was a song.  The song was absolutely beautiful – like invisible colors painting the sky in a translucent and uplifting way. The song sang to itself. All day and all night.  Alas, the song got bored after many repeats of its song-beauty, so it...

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