Jill’s Wings of Light


The Universe as a Symphony of Strings

What do Fifth Century B.C. Pythagoreans have in common with modern state-of-the art cosmologists & physicists?  In a word - strings!  For the ancient Greek Pythagoreans it was the lyre string; modern scientists postulate infinitesimally small strings as the...

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Secrets of Snow

A deep layer of snow blankets a pristine winter woods landscape - what a favorite scene for us all this time of year. A beautiful and serene wonder of nature occurs when colorless water paints the world white with the magical frosting of the first snowfall. We have an...

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Druid Lore: Magic of the Ancient Runes

It is twilight and the Druidic Priestess reverently touches the ancient rune carving, tracing the distinctive shape with her finger. She feels energy surging in the rune form. She voices the rune's name and softly sings its sound. Rembering well, She invokes the...

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Resonance and Entrainment

Two phenomena that demonstrate how listening to specific sounds can deeply affect us are Entrainment and Resonance. Entrainment and resonance are interactions of frequencies with other bodies. We understand these well on the macro scale. However, many Sound Healing...

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Nature Heals Best from The Way of the Wizard

The priestess in the Druidic tradition runs her fingers along the rough bark of the ancient Oak Tree, inhaling its ever-so-slight fragrance. Closing her eyes and concentrating on the tree's smell, she becomes part of this same landscape in her mind. Connected to the...

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Your name is more than your identification

"Human society, the world, and the whole of mankind are to be found in the alphabet." –– Victor Hugo Your name is sound. Names break down into phonemes that are strung together. A name is comprised of tiny little packets of sound energy, organized like a melody or an...

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Enlightenment – Incredibly Easy!

Many paths lead people along the long road to enlightenment – when one overcomes the difficulties of negativity in the world of duality. At the conclusion of the journey participants experience nothing but love. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, service and devotion...

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Strengthen Love, with the most Unexpected Thing!

Music makes us feel, but can it make us be more loving?” Love and the energy of music are more connected than we ever imagined! Both energies have waves, which alter each other when they are in close proximity.  A movie makes you feel, largely because of the sound...

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Music – Nature’s Universal Language

It is cliché that mathematics is the language of Science; recent discoveries reveal that in a related and perhaps even more fundamental way, Music may truly be the language of Nature. Just as my dog whines and tries to stop me when I play discordant music on my piano...

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