Aura Coloring – Toning with Crystals

Everyone has an aura. The aura can be photographed with Kirlian photography. People typically have one to three colors in their aura, and this reflects their personality and physical energies.

Emotional energies exchange energies with colors through resonance. The physical body emits specific colors as well, which reflects the tone of a body part. You are color-coded, both emotionally and physically.

When one has a dark or black spot in their aura, a health issue is reflected. This area of the body, behind the dark spot in the aura, has no life energy.

Further, if one has an intense color in their aura, this reflects their personality, skills and abilities and health issues. For example, the aura color of red indicates an action-oriented person. A red person is a “Do now and think later” kind of person. It also reflects heart, circulation issues in the physical body.

When health issues arise, you can change and balance the colors in your aura with sounds. Your body absorbs energy from your aura. Therefore, your body absorbs the energy that it needs for balance, wholeness and wellness. You can correct imbalances of sound and colors in your order for wellness and balance.

Crystal can alter and strengthen your aura, Learn how.

Crystals are used in computers (silicon chips), and they send and receive signals. By combining crystals and tones (like when one uses this set of crystal pearls – 8 crystal forks), you can create balance and wholeness in the body by tuning and coloring the aura.

The crystal energy and the tones team up for potent doses of healing energies. Watch the video to learn how to do this. Your crystals can send you healing energy. Their ability to send and receive signals can be used consciously for creating a unified field of healing energies in the body.

People believe they need their crystal needs to be around to receive signals, but recall that through the internet, we can use our silicon chip (a crystal) to send and receive messages from far away.

Watch this video to learn how to tie into and trigger the release of energies of your crystal tones when you are not around. The energies of sound combined with the energies of crystals. Learn to tone with your voice and use the crystal fork to amplify your voice and adjust the range of frequencies and harmonics that you can capture for greater wellness.

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